March 18, 2014

A guy in work asked me the other day about a belay device and I waxed lyrical about the joy of the Edelrid Mega-Jul, only after I’d been talking for a few minutes did I stop and let him speak 🙂 He pointed out that I must really love it…and I DO. So I’m gonna tell EVERYONE!

Firstly, I have tiny hands and strange wrists and find the gri gri 1 and 2 don’t work comfortably for me when I use them the way Petzl says how to! I considered getting the trango cinch for my sport climbing trips but never really got the money together (or found a shop selling one) to get one!

I managed to get my hands on an Edelrid mega jul for very few euros and started playing around, this is by far the easiest, lightest, most…well….perfect sport climbing belay device I have ever used. It feeds out slack easily, it locks off perfectly, it can be used to abseil and is as trustworthy as a gri gri!

seriously though, it is lovely, light and easy to use 🙂 the only issue I have ever found is when the rope is thick and old 🙂

I can’t find anywhere nearby that sells them though, which is a shame but they are 30quid on V12 in wales 🙂