waiting…still waiting

March 21, 2012

I sat in the car, the sun was shining on my face, I didn’t want to think forward and psyche myself out.

I haven’t gotten my confidence back since my fall…I’m working on it but it’s nano steps.

But the car journey, the tea sheltered under bothan reminded me why I love climbing.

The immediacy of reality, how cold the wind is, how warm the sun is, people talking in the distance, the feeling of breathing in and out, all of the now.
Add in beauty, beautiful rock, searching for beautiful movement.

It was cold and I wanted to lead a route,my climbing partners reminded me of baby steps so I was set up with a top rope just in case I needed it and a lead rope and a rack.

I didn’t sag, I didn’t stop, I *could* have lead it.

But all the same…when I can see my foot placement but not feel it because it is so cold I am grateful for my friends who stopped an easy climb becoming something I freaked out on.