Raisin Hell

November 24, 2011

Tomorrow I get to go back to the wall, only for an hour, only top-roping……………


But that *ONLY* got me so happy that I sang walking down the street when I left my physio

And that *ONLY* got me giggling to myself as I went for a walk in the dark, in the rain in my mountain hardware monkey man jacket…my first walk other than to the shop to buy food, in about two months.

Tonight I have showered and cut my nails short. I washed myself almost like it was prayer, a prayer that everything would be ok. I ignored the little niggle in my neck, hoping it is just nervous pain.

I have packed my bag and laid out my clothes. My tape for my toes and my scissors to cut it with, my harness and my shoes. My carabiner and belay plate, my chalk bag, my ‘climb-on’.

My clothes are laid out, god I hope they fit still, two months of sitting, eating, waiting for the all clear.

A string top for base, a thin strap top for over it, a baggy tshirt with a washed out moto on the front saying ‘raisin hell’ with a picture of a funky raisin under it. My old, second hand, bobbly, ripped tracksuit trousers.

And I am not even climbing till after lunch tomorrow.

I don’t imagine I will sleep much tonight


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